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Total Value Desire + Bonuses $2985.00

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Yes, please give me instant access to the Desire System! This entire, step by step system for lightning-fast seductions is nearly mine, at a price I'll NEVER see again. My purchase of the Desire System includes:

1.) The Desire System ($2497 value) - Full High-Definition Access to David's closed-door seminar that reveals the entire Desire System, for the first time ever. I'll get video, audio and transcripts of the whole course.

2.) Friends Into Lovers ($97 value) - I'm getting David Tian's 3 proven methods for turning any female friend into a passionate lover… even if she's told me time and time again she "just wants to be friends".

3.) The Complete Confidence Hypnosis ($97 value) - I'll receive the subliminal hypnosis tapes for breakthrough confidence. These 4 tapes will eradicate my fears, anxieties, and hang-ups around women... so next time I talk to her, I'll have the confidence of a champion.

4.) Endless Conversations ($97 Value) - I'm getting the easy "conversation formula", so that I NEVER run out of things to say when I'm talking to a girl I want… and the girl does all the work.

5.) Surprise Bonuses ($197 value) - I'll receive other surprise bonuses that will be waiting for me when I log in.



"You're protected by my no-hassle, 30-Day Guarantee. If you don't get a girlfriend, or love the product, just call me or email me and I'll give you back every single penny."

Thank You!

Please hang tight… your order may take up to 60 seconds to process,
so don't hit the submit button again.

Thank You!

Please hang tight… your order may take up to 60 seconds to process,
so don't hit the submit button again.

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